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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Every Girls Crazy 'Bout a Tight Panted Man

Hey Greg-

I was wondering what you thought about all these metal bands just popping up these days like weeds, and what the whole attraction is to metal bands with makeup, womens pants, and girl hair-cuts? I've seen more than a hundred of these so called "metal" bands who play trash, and then even trashier live. What's up with all this crap happening?


Greg's response:

I barely like my band so you can only imagine what I think of these clowns. I'll tell you what, everybody wants to get big without any work. An easy way to get a bunch of "fans" is to look the part. Make-up, tight pants whatever. The ones who last are the ones who are concerned with the rock and not with the appearance. Get souped bad bands!


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