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ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Clients Phone Call

Hey Greg from The Red, how are things? I guess first let me start off by extremely regreting not catching you guys at ozzfest. But no one wants to here that… I'm actualy siting here listening to Clients for the gazillionth time and was curious what the phone call recorded at the end was? Did it actually happen, cuase its funny as hell. I was also browsing the internet and found a picture of you guys playing The Legion Hall and couldnt help but notice the awsome municipal waste tee-shirt you had on. Fuck yeah dude! Killer band right? I was curious if you had been to any of their shows recently, cause i got to finaly see them via SOTU and got rocked the shit out of.P.S. Could you follow up on Dmitiri's question from from a while back conserning Guys work-out plan? and yea, please dont make fun of me for noticing.

Greg responds:
"Please don't make fun of me for noticing". So I shouldn't make fun of you for eyeballing my male lead singer so closely that you noticed that his muscles got bigger? No problem buddy, I won't. Although this is an advice column I'll go ahead and answer this TRC question. For those at home who have no idea who I am, and I'm sure there are plenty of you, I'm in a band called The Red Chord. The "phone call" that my friend here is referring to is on our latest record "Clients" as a secret track. That is non other them the band's good friend Nasty Eric who called Guy during the early stages of recording and left that message. We thought it would be funny to throw it on as a secret track. To make it even more creepy we pitch shifted a pan flute that Gunface played and put it under the message. Onto question two. Municiple waste, in my opinion, is the best thrash band to come out in the last ten years. I proudly wear their shirt. Speaking of which we are touring with them again in October. Come out and see us with them and GWAR. It'll be fun, I promise,

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