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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Ask me about my beard…

Dear Greg,My name is Briton and im a Student at NAU University in Flagstaff AZ. I
recently took a second job as co-host at the campus radio station doing a
metal show. What are some of the most annoying question you or someone you
know have been asked during an interview. So that i dont make the same

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Briton Tarter

Greg's response:
First off that's a GREAT name. I mean it really is great, Briton. Sorry. Here's what you do. This may come as a surprise to some but most "musicians" love to talk about… themselves. Weird, I know. Ask them about the last book they read so they can answer, "Tuesdays with Maury" or something else that they think will make them look smarter. Move onto "What's a typical day in the life of…(place crappy band here). They'll go on for hours and hours about either how tough their day is being so political and no one understands, yadda yadda, or how much partying they do and how cool coke and chicks are. By the way, the bands that brag about it the most get the least. Other than that try to stay away from the "where did you get the band name" "How did you meet" and that sort of stuff. Bands are asked that all the time. We've ended up just lying at any repeat questions. At this point you can usually weed out the dick heads and rock stars and ask down to earth questions about home life and current bands the interviewey is into. Throw them a question you think no one has asked before that is not related to the band or band name. That is not clever. Good luck and come out to the AZ show.

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