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Ask Me...I'm Right

ASK ME, I'M RIGHT: Ask me about my band…

Dear Greg

Hey my names Raman (rum-in) and my question is about the little message at the back of the Clients booklet. What inspired you guys to write fictional lyrics? I found them extremely thought provoking, and made me enjoy the album in a whole other way.

Greg responds:

First off Raman, I love your noodles and secondly my band isn't that interesting. Again, this is an advice column but I will answer your question about my crappy band, The Red Chord. The passage that I believe you're referring to, as I don't have a copy of the CD near enough to check, is a passage that our singer Guy wrote to go along with the record. It basically tells of a regular day at work for him. That's were he got the inspiration for the record if you can believe that. He also wrote one for the first record. I'm sure there is one in the works for our third one as well. I agree with you though, I rather enjoy it too. Let's dance,


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