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Frank's Favorite Drumers

Frank's Favorite Drummers: Kenneth Schalk

Being a drummer myself, I'd have to admit I tend to hone in on his business more so than the rest of the band. It's a well known saying that "the drummer can make or break any band", but there is a lot more to it than hitting things as fast as you can to be amongst the top metal drummers of today. Much consideration went into the following list including: Agility, Diversity, Endurance, Style, Precision, Embellishment, & Showmanship.

Now, I'm not a big fan of "Top 10" lists, I personally feel there is no place for competition in music, but when Rob approached me with the idea of talking about my favorite drummers, how could I decline? I now present my 10 favorites in no particular order. (Give me a break! it was hard enough to narrow a list down to 10.)

Kenny probably has the smallest kit of anyone on my list, but damn does he make up for it with his creative grooves. Raping the shit out of his 4 piece kit is what Kenny seems to do best, proving you don't need a big set to provide thorough ass kicking. With a predominate background in jazz, he's lead the futuristic NY metal-fusion band Candiria into the progressive spotlight before one even existed. Not only is he an incredible drummer, but his form behind the set is a spectacle unto itself. If your not familiar with Candiria's music, sit down and enjoy the ride.

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