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Frank's Favorite Drumers

Frank's Favorite Drummers: Kai Hahto

Being a drummer myself, I'd have to admit I tend to hone in on his business more so than the rest of the band. It's a well known saying that "the drummer can make or break any band", but there is a lot more to it than hitting things as fast as you can to be amongst the top metal drummers of today. Much consideration went into the following list including: Agility, Diversity, Endurance, Style, Precision, Embellishment, & Showmanship.

Now, I'm not a big fan of "Top 10" lists, I personally feel there is no place for competition in music, but when Rob approached me with the idea of talking about my favorite drummers, how could I decline? I now present my 10 favorites in no particular order. (Give me a break! it was hard enough to narrow a list down to 10.)

When your playing with one of the top grind bands, and one of the best neo classical bands that ever existed… you must be doing something right! Kai may be known for his ridiculously fierce blasts and record breaking fills, but if you listen close enough you'll hear some of his Jazz roots shining through. He tends to keep himself busy these days playing with various projects ranging from extreme metal to Jazz, teaching drums, and even conducts drum clinics every now and then. It's been years since the last Wintersun record, but I dont think I stand alone when I say I'm totally fucking stoked for the 2010 reunion of Kai and Jari!

You may recognize him from: Wintersun, Rotten Sound, Max on the Rox, Swallow the Sun and The Kai Hahto Band. After the jump, check out a cool Rotten Sound video…

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