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That Time KISS' Gene Simmons Wrote A Letter To Stan Lee Trying To Get Into Marvel's Fantastic Four Movie

kiss gene simmons ben grimm

KISS frontman Gene Simmons is nothing if not very confident in his abilities. So, when news started getting around town in the early 80s that Marvel Comics was considering doing a Fantastic Four movie, Simmons thought he would be perfect for the role of "Ben Grimm" aka "The Thing."

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Simmons wrote a letter (an analog form of what is now known as e-mail) to Marvel head honco Stan Lee, lobbying for the role. Amusingly, Simmons cites his performance in the extra campy KISS – Attack of the Phantom as proof he would be perfect for the role.

The full letter reads:

“Dear Stan,

Everybody’s telling me about plans for a “Fantastic Four” movie. To make a long story short. I want to be the “Thing.”

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Here are some scenes from “KISS – Attack Of The Phantom” which was a KISS co-production for television, and an Avco Embassy worldwide feature.

Either way, all the best of luck with the movie. I have been a fan since the beginning, and still, am.

Best of luck,
Gene Simmons.”

Simmons is a huge admirerer of Lee's and has cited him as a huge insipiration. In a 2012 interview with Noisecreep he told the outlet "I started reading Marvel Comics in my youth, like many millions of young boys. For me, Stan Lee's stories had a profound, empowering quality that continues to this day. I witnessed super heroes with flaws. With self-esteem issues. With doubts about themselves. And I connected.

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Of course, a Fantastic Four movie didn't even go into production until the 90s, and the franchise struggled. Coincidentally, a new Fantastic Four movie is in the pipeline from Marvel Studios, but we're not sure if Disney is considering Simmons for the role.

I was so awed by the stories and the mythology of Stan's super heroes, that I wrote him a long letter, comparing Marvel's heroes to Greek Mythology and their gods. And Stan Lee wrote back a postcard. I remember it, as if it happened yesterday. "You will do great things", he said. And he signed it Stan Lee. I felt as if I was touched by the very Gods of Olympus at that moment."

Simmons recently made headlines for blaming young music fans for killing rock.

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