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Back in the Day

CANDIRIA were ahead of their time

CANDIRA – Elevate in Madness
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My first experience with Candiria was while I was waiting for a bus home on the way from high school, when Carly Coma approached me upon rocking out with head phones on, to hand me a Candira business card. This was of course pre- internet days when face to face communication with your audience was key, and word of mouth was essentially the RSS feed of it's time. Having seen stickers plastered all over the NYC area for this band, I knew there was some buzz about them, but it wasn't until my first experience seeing them live that I understood what all the fuss was about.

Back in the day NY was a very different scene than it is today, and Candiria the hometown heroes of the late 90's, who no matter how many times played NY, would be greeted with a packed house of music appreciators of every kind, every single time. Known as the unique Fusion Metal band that they are, Kenny, Carly, John, and Mike were the perfect combination of all things strange and heavy. With influences in Jazz, Funk, Prog, Metal, & Hip-Hop it was nearly impossible to be bored watching this band live. As a drummer, I'm still floored by early tapings of their live set featuring Kenny doing what he does best.

Don't take my word for it, this is a live track called "Elevate in Madness" off the bands LP "Process of Self Development".

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