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Back in the Day

Back In The Day – Grip Inc.

Back in '93 Dave Lombardo (then ex-Slayer) had embarked on a series of side projects that would push his musical know-how in new directions. The first project was Grip Inc., a band I know many of you have probably heard and discarded at some point in their career. While I may agree that the band didn't always put out stellar records, I think if you run through a copy of "Power of Inner Strength" a few times, your bound to hear several explosive gems that bridge the "What if Slayer tried to be melodic" gamut.

Despite the Lombardo headlines surrounding most reviews, many forget Grip Inc. didn't only include 1 metal veteran. Waldemar Sorychta (Guitars/Producer) is mostly known as famed producer for Euro – acts like Tiamat, Samael, Moonspell, Sentenced, Borknagar & Lacuna Coil to name a few. The Lombardo – Sorychta collaboration was released to many rave reviews, but seemingly have been trying to recapture the essence of their debut since!

The band shot a video for their single "Ostracized", but like most head bangers out there, I prefer the tracks featuring Lombardo's signature double kick frenzy. This live clip for "Hostage to Heaven" was filmed in 1997 during the band's Nemesis support tour, and even includes vocalist Gus Chambers coping an attitude and leaving the stage.

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