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Back in the Day

Back In The Day – GRAVE

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Back in 1994, Swedish metal band Grave put out this happy little jam titled "Soulless"
If you're anything like me, then you probably began your daily dose of head-banging and horn-giving before your fifth grade classroom assembly. It was a completely different era in metal and the terms "Bit-Torrent", "YouTube" or even "Downloading" was unheard of.

How the times have changed! None more apparent than by watching the slew of metal music videos left behind during the years Headbangers Ball was off the air, or simply not ballsy enough to air crucial bands that later shaped the sound of today's metal music. With the sudden resurgence of bands getting back together for their even grander finale (ie: ATG, Carcass, Carnivore) I figured it's time to dust off some of these old school gems and share some videos you may never knew existed, hell you may even find the next big reunite in this collection!

Check out Grave live as part of this year's Maryland Deathfest VI

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