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Black Metal History Month

What If Superheroes Like Batman & Wolverine Had Black Metal Logos?

Posted by on February 17, 2015 at 1:21 pm

We've been celebrating Black Metal History Month all month here on Metal Injection and it looks like our friends over at Headbang & Buttonmash don't mind doing some celebrating themselves. You may recall, they created those awesome minimalist black metal posters last year and this year, they went a different route with their posters.

Designer Keith BC went a lil nut and imagined what over 30 superhero logos would look like reimagined as black metal logos. There is some really good black metal design in here and the results are four posters worth of designs, each available for $20 at the HBnBM webstore. Here's a look at those posters:

Black Metal X-Men

Black Metal XMen

Black Metal Avengers

Black Metal Avengers

Black Metal Justice League

Black Metal Justice League

Black Metal Vertigo

Black Metal Vertigo

Each poster is on sale for $20 at their webstore.

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