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Video Premiere

HORSE THE BAND "Murder" Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on September 9, 2008

Click here to watch the world premiere of "Murder"

METAL Injection has the exclusive world premiere of the new video from HORSE THE BAND for the track "Murder". The video was directed by Gary Lachance at Mandatory Media who had this to say about the video:

The video was filmed live in Belgrade, Serbia midway through HORSE's Earth Tour which was self-funded, self-booked and traversed 45 countries in 90 days. The show was packed with crazed Serbians power drinkers who, before entering, had chugged innumerable 3-liter bottles of beer and gorged themselves on 5 pound hamburgers. They had come from far and wide. These were rural wildmen.. hill people. The venue was a cramped, smoky dungeon, with an overflowing bathroom, no security, terrible sound and a tiny stage that emptied onto a slimy concrete staircase, which was to serve as a battleground for the hundred or so fanatics in attendance. Things were looking good. And from the first note, it was nonstop anarchy, a heaving tangle of violence and hilarity as brutish men and merciless women performed a dance of death, hurling themselves and their opponents to the floor, crushing each other in 20-something dogpiles, tearing steel fences from the floor, destroying the few functioning light fixtures, removing their clothes, and coming dangerously close to ruining HORSE's equipment and ending the tour. Directed by Gary Lachance of Mandatory Media

Click here to watch the world premiere of "Murder"

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