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Canadian Doom Duo, VILE CREATURE, Unveils Their Suspenseful, New Video for "You Who Has Never Slept"

Posted by on April 29, 2020 at 6:00 am

Photo by Danika Zandboer

A couple of weeks ago, Ontario's Vile Creature released the debut single for their impending album, Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! The Canadian duo built a name for themselves as a sludge-laden, droning doom metal band. However, the lead single to their newest record showcases some recent nuances that are emerging in their sound. In a previous statement around the time of the song's release, the band stated, "Musically it is the most versatile song we've ever done, both in tone and pacing. It incorporates elements found throughout the album while standing out on its own."

Their sentiment is certainly the truth. Their newest album looks and feels so much different than anything they've done prior. In the newest music video that accompanies their new track, it's yet another example of the band's endeavors into new ideas of expressing their art. The video follows a dancer as she enters an empty theater towards the stage. As the video unfolds, masked figures in red robes begin to appear and take seats within the theater. The band's members, Vic and KW, appear in the theater as well. They all watch another dancer dressed in white on the stage. The video unfolds with increasing suspense to a thrilling finish with a twist.

In a statement to Metal Injection, the band says “Raissa & Dave are two wonderful people we met working our food truck, they knew we played music and offered to help us with a music video one day. Fast forward a few years and we were finally able to take them up on their generous offer. We rented out a theatre in small-town Ontario for a day with a bunch of friends and crafted this vision for the song. All of it was held together by the amazing work of Anita who starred in & choreographed the video. We were inspired by psychological & abstract horror films, most obviously Suspiria. We wanted to craft a linear narrative that still kept you wondering and interested—our songs are long enough that any music video is a really short film.”

Watch the brand new video for "You Who Has Never Slept" now. Also, preorder Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! now from Prosthetic Records. It officially arrives on June 19.

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