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Underground Roundup

The 29 Underground Metal Bands You Might've Missed In March 2023

Featuring Industrial Puke, Allfather, Gabestok, Kostnatění, Lunar Chamber, and more!

Industrial Puke press photo 1

Looking for something new to listen to? Get acquainted with these tracks from some lesser-known bands released in March 2023 thanks to our monthly Underground Roundup! Check out our playlists below featuring this month's picks (as long as they're on streaming services), and you can listen to all previous editions of the Underground Roundup here.

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Aara – "Unstern"

Switzerland's Aara sounds like black metal carried through the world solely on the wind. Fluss' vocals will cut right through to the bone, while Berg and J. keep Triade III: Nyx at least somewhat grounded. What a great record. Get into it with the single "Unstern" below and check out Triade III: Nyx at your earliest convenience.

Allfather – "Black Lungs"

Allfather's new single "Black Lungs" encompasses everything from steamrolling death metal-styled riffs to a bluesy-as-hell guitar solo, all topped off by bellowing vocals and a breakdown that will make you find and fight god. Allfather will release their new album A Violent Truth on March 31.

Angerot – "Bastard Creature"

Angerot is streaming the death metal rager "Bastard Creature" from their upcoming record The Profound Recreant, out March 24. The single features lead guitar from Goatwhore guitarist Sammy Duet and "additional guitar noise" from Jack Owen of Six Feet Under. It's beefy.

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Ascended Dead – "Ungodly Death"

Ascended Dead is back with their first new album since 2017 and a single that'll make you want it right now. Ascended Dead will release Evenfall Of The Apocalypse on May 12 and is now streaming the first, devastating new single "Ungodly Death" alongside the revelation of the sinewy album artwork.

Astriferous – "Teleport Haze"

After two demos, an EP, and a split with Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, Astriferous is here with their debut album Pulsations From The Black Orb. This Costa Rican quartet ushers in crusty, classic death metal with cavernous vocals, sure to please anyone interested in the modern wave of death metal.

Aphotic – "Abyssgazer"

Aphotic has emerged from the depths with their debut album Abyssgazer, hellbent on dragging anyone willing back down with them. Abyssgazer is slow, trudging trip through the realms of death doom, perfectly captured in the title track below. Abyssgazer is out now.

Burial Hordes – "Insubstantial"

Greece's best kept secret Burial Hordes, featuring guitarist T.K. (Dead Congregation) and session drummer Eugene Ryabchenko (Fleshgod Apocalypse), is straight forward death metal that'll leave you looking worse than the dude on the cover. Burial Hordes will release Ruins on June 9.

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DeathCollector – "A Taste Of Ichor"

DeathCollector is featured original Bolt Thrower drummer Andrew Whale alongside vocalist Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown), guitarist Mick Carey (Zealot Cult), and bassist Lee Cummings (Severe Lacerations). DeathCollector will release Death's Toll on June 23 and is now streaming the predictably crushing new "A Taste Of Ichor."

Fair Of The Forgotten – "A Trip Fading The Truth"

We don't know much about Fair Of The Forgotten. They're a German consisting of folks named F.G. and Ynoxia, they just released their debut EP A Gaze Into Oblivion, and that's it. Though when you've got a black metal EP worth listening to on repeat, does any of that other stuff matter?

Gabestok – "Når bølgerne vender"

From the sewers of Copenhagen comes the muddy, blackened punk sounds of Gabestok. The band just released their new record Med freden kommer hadet, which you can get into below via the no-bullshit single "Når bølgerne vender." And yes, as the cover art would have you believe, Med freden kommer hadet gets a little spacey.

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Heretoir – "Anima"

Heretoir's "Anima" is an interesting one. At the start if feels very much like it'll be your standard blackened affair, but then the guitar melodies take things in a more hopeful direction… and hey, is that a massive clean vocal chorus? Nice! Heretoir will release their new record Wastelands on May 19.

Herod – "The Becoming"

Herod will release The Iconoclast on May 5 and is here to beat you into several layers of the Earth with their new single "The Becoming." The single showcases Herod vocalist Mike Pilat (ex-The Ocean) simply destroying the microphone, while the rest of the band attempts to do the same with their instruments.

High Priest – "Divinity"

High Priest will release Invocation on June 23, which originally didn't include the song "Divinity." According to guitarist John Regan, the song was put together from an iPhone demo and is "probably the most energetic song on the record." Just try not to headbang too hard when that groove finally kicks in.

Industrial Puke – "Reactionary Warfare"

Industrial Puke features Linus Jägerskog (Burst), Jens Ekelin (Rentokiller), Mattias Rasmusson (Obstruktion, Gust, Blessings), Marko Partanen, and Erik Harald (Rentokiller). Industrial Puke will release their debut album Born Into The Twisting Rope May 12, and you can get wrecked by "Reactionary Warfare" below.

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Impetuous Ritual – "Lecherous Molestation"

If you're wondering why Impetuous Ritual sounds like a slightly more palatable version of Portal, it's because two-fifths of Portal is in Impetuous Ritual. "Lecherous Molestation" is a cacophonous sound that'll draw you in with its seemingly endless layers of distortion, as you'd expect. Iniquitous Barbarik Synthesis is out May 12.

Kostnatění – "Nevolnost je vše, čím jsem"

Kostnatění's brand of Czech-language black metal is as intriguing as it is angular. The project is headed up by a man only known as D.L. and, thoughout its runtime, will teleport you to a dimension where everything just looks… psychedelically wrong. Start your journey with "Nevolnost je vše, čím jsem" below and get Úpal on May 26.

Labyrinthus Stellarum – "Void Dwellers"

Ukranian black metal act Labyrinthus Stellarum just released their debut album Tales Of The Void and it's a wonderful voyage through the inky blackness of eternity. Well, as wonderful and awe-inspiring as black metal can be. Check out the opener "Void Dwellers" below and go listen to Tales Of The Void – it's a trip worth taking.

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Lunar Chamber – "Spirit Body And The Seeing Self"

Lunar Chamber will release their debut album Shambhallic Vibrations on April 28, and you can check out their debut single "Spirit Body And The Seeing Self" below. Lunar Chamber masterfully combines modern crushing death metal with ascendant progressive passages for an end product that's something totally unique. Get into it.

Olkoth – "Alhazred"

If you need uncompromising, fast-as-hell death metal, Olkoth and their new single "Alhazred" has you covered. The single is from the band's upcoming album At The Eye Of Chaos, due out May 26. Olkoth dedicated their new record to drummer Vance Reon Jeffcoat, who passed away in 2017.

Pestifier – "Defeat Of The Nemesis"

Pestifier was kind of a "holy shit" moment for me, in that I listened to "Defeat Of The Nemesis" about 20 times before writing this. People really need to get into Pestifier's brand of progressive death metal immediately, and then pick up Defeat Of The Nemesis when it's out on April 21.

Sunrot – "Trepanation"

New Jersey sludge and noise band Sunrot is back again with another crusher, this time in the form of "Trepanation." Sunrot will release The Unfailing Rope on April 7 featuring contributions from Bryan Funck (Thou), Emily McWilliams, and Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer).

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Tankzilla – "Wrong Place"

Tankzilla – because Kyuss isn't around anymore and you need some of those sweet, laid back riffs in your life. Tankzilla will release their self-titled album on May 19 and they're blowing some smoke in your face right now thanks to the single "Wrong Place." Pack your bowls, everyone.

Thron – "Return…"

Thron is four albums deep into their career and here's hoping Dust is the one that breaks them to a wider audience. If you're looking for straight ahead black metal with no frills, then take a dive into the single "Return…" and come back a slightly bloodier, corpse paint-laden person.

Úlfúð – "Leviathan Dreams"

Úlfúð released their debut album Of Existential Distortion earlier in March, though you'd have no idea it was a debut album given the quality. This thing is hazy blackened death metal through and through, which you'll get a good sense of thanks to the single "Leviathan Dreams" below.

Vadiat – "Spear Of Creation"

Vadiat is here to discuss the mortality of Jesus with you thanks to their new single "Spear Of Destiny." And by "discuss," I mean "beat you over the head with riffs until you're a paste on the floor." Which is sort of a form of discussion, and an enjoyable one at that. Vadiat will release their new record Spear Of Creation on April 28.

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Vamchara – "How Long Until It Kills Me"

Vamchara will release their new record No Roses On My Grave on April 28, pending you survive the singles like "How Long Until It Kills Me." You can practically see the fists flying right at your face the second you hit play on this one, and they won't stop coming anytime soon.

Wallowing – "Cries Of Estima"

If the cover of Wallowing's upcoming record Earth Reaper has indicated any sort of cartoonish fun, think again. The band's new single "Cries Of Estima" is nothing but blackened misery slowly dripping onto you from an unseen source above. Wallowing will release Earth Reaper on April 28.

Yakuza – "Alice"

Bruce Lamont and his merry band Yakuza are back after 11 years, refreshed and ready to destroy everything in their path. Sutra will be out May 19 and you can check out the debut single "Alice" below. It's like King Crimson and Napalm Death jammed together, and found some surprisingly common ground.

Zorn – "The Spell Of The Fairy Tree"

Straight out of Philadelphia comes the blackened punk stylings of Zorn. I feel like listening to this song anywhere but a crypt lit by candlelight is the wrong setting, but here we are – not there. Zorn's new album Zorn is out now and if you don't listen to it, that demon painted by Fetal Brain on the cover will find you.

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