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Underground Roundup

The 20 Underground Metal Bands You Might've Missed In December 2023

Featuring Spectral Voice, Dissimulator, Hulder, Hauntologist, and more!

Spectral Voice 2024

Looking for something new to listen to? Get acquainted with these tracks from some lesser-known bands thanks to our monthly Underground Roundup! Check out our playlists below featuring this month's picks (as long as they're on streaming services), and you can listen to all previous editions of the Underground Roundup here.

A quick note before we dive into this month's picks – this series has been condensed into a more playlist-focused effort. This playlist will not be wiped clean month to month. Instead, this is a cumulative effort (rotated out yearly) to show off all the great bands you might not have heard of. So go give the playlists a like on Spotify and Apple Music, and enjoy!

This month's additions include:

  1. "Wrung" – Apostle
  2. "Ýrr" – Árstíðir lífsins
  3. "Berdella Of Blood" – Atoll
  4. "Bound To The Funeral Pyres" – Baron
  5. "The Night Of Blood" – Bloedmaan
  6. "Trash" – Capsule
  7. "Withered Halo Around My Neck" – Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean
  8. "An Unnatural End" – Contaminated
  9. "Oozing Radioactive Vomition" – Cryptworm
  10. "Hyperline Underflow" – Dissimulator
  11. "Attraction Vulgarity" – Dwelling Below
  12. "Treading On The Bones Of Lonliness" – Exitium Sui
  13. "Bound To Death" – Farsoth
  14. "Ozymandian" – Hauntologist
  15. "Vessel Of Suffering" – Hulder
  16. "Blazing Acheronic Tyrants" – Infernal Execrator
  17. "meurtrissure par meurtrissure" – maudissez
  18. "Of Mages And Mystics" – Ringarë
  19. "Hush" – shedfromthebody
  20. "Red Feasts Condensed Into One" – Spectral Voice

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