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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

WORMED, CEREBRAL ROT Among The Top Tracks of the Week

wormed 2019

Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

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WORMED – Cryptoubiquity

With the Metaportal EP out on Season of Mist this past month, the Madrid-based quartet of Phlegeton, Migueloud, Guillemoth and V-Kazar continue to strive to elevate sci-fi-tech-death to its pinnacle of futurist/disembodied disembowelment. This is a fast-forward on metallic evolution and mankind de-evolution personified, the weirdly cryptic-yet-cold spaced out lyric video does the vibe good service as well.

CEREBRAL ROT – Swamped In Festering Exctremetia

"Fans of Carcass and huffing embalming fluid" does a good promo lip service I'd say. These Seattle sewer-dwellers tour with Fetid in September and October and crawl, screech and flush riffs with the best of them. New LP out on 20 Buck Spin in August, and then you can catch 'em on the Odious Mess of Seeping Decay (!) tour. Going to wash my hands now.

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MOLTEN – Reaping Terror

Bay Area bastions of the Goathell label stable, Molten's new 6-song EP is a primitive racket, an amalgamation of death, thrash and doom boiled up in the petri dish so common to the cross-pollenation of styles that reigns supreme in this locale. Those with Gimme archive access should check out their hang with Ginger Vitus on his Into the Fire program (sadly his finale) this week.

BIRTH OF DEPRAVITY – Realms of the Absurd

Relentless buzzing brutality from Greece, a cut we caught on listener Manos/Ego Death's two part Gimme breakdown of extreme metal from his homeland over the decades. One review of them shot them down for their constant riffery/timeshift and no plan or backbone, but the disembodiment of any kind of forward motion here makes it for me. It's the sound of a giant demonic filthy warthog sitting in place thrashing around in a black puddle of gunk. Where's he got to be? Seriously.

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27 years since the last time these guys were on record? New Orleans' Exhorder returns, more pissed than ever it seems, power-groovin it and punching faces along the way. On tour with Kataklysm in September.

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