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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

WORM, ARCHSPIRE Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Photo by: Alex Morgan

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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WORM – Murk Above the Dark Moor

A grey masterwork of doom/vintage death emanates from this Floridian crew. A plodding blast of smothering riff-thud crawls from an icy cave complete with otherworldly echo-drenched groans of misery, pointing the path for you to the Everglades to lay down flat on your back in a crocodile preserve with slabs of raw meat tied to your torso. Enjoy! From their new 20 Buck Spin opus 'Foreverglade' which is getting enormous acolades.

ARCHSPIRE – Drone Corpse Aviator

Besides issuing the best "Mom's reaction" video in recent memory ("Whoa! His face is melting…that's my boy!") and conduct an amazing <a href=""> online cooking show</a> called "Good Morning Handsome", Canada's Archspire have served up one heaping tray of steaming tech-death with their latest 'Chef's Kiss' LP (Season of Mist). Ridiculous over-the-top academic prowess serves as both manifesto of order and abandon-all-rules lost-mind attack, and we're all strapping in at Gimme HQ for what's sure to be a killer guest DJ takeover on October 27th with a special surprise.

CADAVERIC FUMES – The Engulfed Sepulcher

From the new Blood Harvest label release 'Echoing Chambers of Soul' comes this teaser of their December full length after an amazing split 7" with Skelethal. Evocative, dynamic death from France with an extra push on pure songcraft.

TENTATION – Conquérants

Hell yes to more spirited French fury, galloping out of their medieval-looking rural village with old school metal majesty. Tentation infuse modern sounding traits with folklore, conjuring up soaring Iron Maidenisms while keeping a bulldozer close to the ground to righteously plow through the rubble.

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WORM SHEPHERD – Ritual Hymns

The soothing strings and synths that guide you into this title track teaser to this Connecticut band's January LP suddenly darken when a furious blanket of blackened deathcore swoops down and clutches you in its talons. Like Fit For An Autopsy, Worm Shepherd take the confines of their chosen subgenre and inject style and élan to create a unique brand of business. It's a big leap ahead from their first LP and they're seemingly just getting started.

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