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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

THE HALO EFFECT, CHAT PILE, LANGUISH & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

The Halo Effect 2021

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

Languish – "Judas Goat"

Desert-baked deathgrind from these guys with their new LP on Prosthetic Feeding the Flames of Annihilation, and the flames lick your face from the getgo. Breakneck speed brutality, slopped-up severe technical chops, gargling-with-thumbtacks vox courtesy Sean Mears. Socially conscious/socialist-leaning lyrics plus the overall nasty fumes this one emits make it a winner.

Incantation – "Hell Awaits"

Celebrating this legendary death metal band's 30th anniversary, Relapse is issuing a 3LP set of rarities Tricennial of Blasphemy. While Slayer's own legacy is one of the thrashier zone, these guy's take to it like a duck to a burning, oil-flecked body of water.

The Halo Effect – "Days of the Lost"

This Gothenburg band's melodic death chug soars to some similar spaces as In Flames and their ilk, sun-stabbed flights of synths and solos amidst some battering ram tempos and distinctive growl of MIkael Stanne. Days of the Lost hits August 12 on Nuclear Blast and we're thrilled to have the band guest DJ on Gimme coming up August 24 at 12pm PT/3pm ET!

Chat Pile – "Why"

That bass sound evokes some thick amplified utility cables, wobbling and throbbing around some jagged guitar leads and deadpan spoken/yelped vocals. It's no surprise they come from the Midwest, certainly being influenced by the equally deadpan Big Black, Tar, and other noise rockers who use breathing space in their songs as an equal compositional element as the overload. God's Country is out now on The Flenser label.

Conan – "Righteous Alliance"

Fan's of this UK group's low-swinging, high-tension lines will be pleased to step down into a deeper, thicker bog with the new Evidence of Immortality (Napalm). Conan continue to lumber to glory and make an even better outling than their last great release, searing slow riffs into your cranium both with psychedelic and rage-stirring effect. We're super excited to have them finally, to guest DJ too! Mark your cals for Wednesday, August 17 10am PT/1pm ET!

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