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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

SAOR, BOG BODY, KHOLD & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks Of The Week

Plus Mirror and Black Void.


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top five office buzz-worthy tracks.

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Bog Body – "Dregs Soar To the Skies"

Wow! Sometimes a band gives you exactly what their name insinuates. Bog Body sounds like a verminous lump of gump extracting itself from a tarpit in the middle of a cavern. The bass is so downtuned the strings are dragging on the floor, and the singer emulates what a still-evolving pile of said gump must utter in its reach to create human words, but has not quite gotten there yet. 'Cryonic Crevasse Cult' slides across the floor at you via Profound Lore May 22nd, and it's leaving a really gross puddle in its wake.

Khold – "Apostel"

Norway's Khold have always been a black metal band that swings, cramming their smothering stench through a very animated rhythmic backbone. It's awesome to hear them back on the horizon with this one, from the forthcoming 'Svartsyn' out June 22nd on Soulseller. Welcome back to these rifflords, and mark your calendars because they're hosting a guest DJ special on Gimme Metal Monday, June 20th to celebrate the release!

Black Void – "Dadaist Disgust"

Formed as a complementary band to his White Void project, Lars Are Nedland (also of Borknagar and Solefald), birthed Black Void to paint some darker/nihilistic hues over things. He succeeds well on this new track, featuring Rotting Christ's Sakis Tolis, and while not fully bereft of melody and light it certainly peers into some heavy and weird chambers. The full length 'Antithesis' hits May 27th on Nuclear Blast.

Mirror – "Souls of Meggido"

Good, soaring classic heavy metal a la Maiden/Rainbow with some proggy elements and a bit more proto-metal grunt to add as an undercurrent to the spirally solo action. A project of Greek multi-instrumentalist Tas (ex-Electric Wizard, currently in Satan's Wrath), Mirror embodies some true-grit classic spirit. 'The Day Bastard Leaders Die' is just out on Cruz Del Sur.

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Saor – "Origins"

The Caledonian folk infused black metal project of Andy Marshall wanders back out of the Highlands mist, and it's a welcome thing indeed. Serving as a Scots parallel to Scandinavia's emphasis on history channeled through dark sounds, Saor both explores the folklore and creates a unique sense of standalone identity, in particular via the atmosphere purveyed in their releases. This is the title track to the forthcoming Season of Mist LP in June, and we're doubly excited as Andy has offered to give us a guest DJ special on June 30th. So enjoy this Saor preview for more to come.

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