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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week



Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

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ECSTATIC VISION – Shut Up and Drive

Philly's spiritual brethren to YOB and Uncle Acid, Ecstatic Vision continue to search for the perfect-sounding deep charge torpedo into space and the latest For the Masses (out September 20th on Heavy Psych Sounds) might sound title-wise like a warming up to the mainstream, but they're probably referring to the masses as galaxies asteroids and planets. More prime Hawkwind straight-into-the-sun riffage, elevated by caveman rhythms, Krauty synths and layers and layers of psychedelic sounds in this stew. Frontman/guitarist Doug Sabolik does a Gimme DJ special on Wednesday September 4th at 7pm ET!

SAMMATH – Ferocious Mortar Fire

Dutch death/speed/thrash-fueled blackness with unrelenting guitar and drum attack, splattered vocals and a simple message that War Is An Ugly Thing. I love the template of sheer aggression and the cross-pollinization of styles, apparently one of the members was especially reared on raw Australian metal which adds even more fuel to the fire.

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HIVE – Waste of Man

Holy crap this is vicious. The latest from some 90's vets (Antiverse's guitarist and drummer) sprinkled with ex-HC lunatics from Threadbare and Disembodied, this track creaks the door open with some feedback then lays waste with filthy grunge tonality, hyperspeed destruction and headswivel vocals. Ends as abruptly as it begins, an ugly mass of music.

ABYSSAL RITES – Synesthesia Ritual

From the CD (also on Bandcamp) of their demo, raw, unfiltered Oklahoma Black Metal, starting off like it could be in a Norwegian forest: wind, wolves, stepping on twigs, deep atmosphere that bursts into a maelstrom of fury, uncomfortably close high-hat and vicious vocals.

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MEMORIAM – Requiem For Mankind

Another top-notch nugget for the summer from Nuclear Blast's camp: old school UK death metal (dis)embodied with Karl Willett from Bolt Thrower's inimitable growl. Frantic, festering, atmospheric. A quick followup to last year's sophomore Silent Vigil LP.

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