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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

RUIN LUST, GNAW Among The Top Tracks of the Week

5 jaw-dropping tracks

GNAW live at The Acheron, Mar

Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

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RUIN LUST – Prison of Sentient Horror

A sampling of the forthcoming March release on 20 Buck Spin from New York's latest and greatest purveyors of basement/underground heaviosity. It's a ferocious blitz of battering noise guitar, festering vocal gargle and pure animosity distilled.

GNAW – Kollaps

The creeping, turbulent experience that is NYC's Gnaw has manifested itself for a good chunk of the decade both live and on assorted labels, the latest 'Barking Orders' out January 31st on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia continues the darkly cinema of unsettling electronics, slothcrawl doom riffage and the undeniable skincrawl caterwaul of vokillist Alan Dubin, whose pedigree traverses the great OLD and Khanate (the doom unit he fronted that featured James Plotkin/Stephen O'Malley/Tim Wyskida). Appropriately, the disarray and decay continues with this a cover of German industrialists Einsturzende Neubauten.

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YATRA – Sorcerer

Yow, this Maryland trio serves up some pulverizing doom of a decidedly leftfield nature, gravelly vocals courtesy Dana Helmuth (also on guitar), plodding power rhythms from bassist Maria Geisbert and drummer Sean Lafferty. They've supported Sleep, Torche, Om, and Nebula and look to come into some sharp focus with the new 'Blood of the Night' LP (STB label) out tomorrow January 31st.

WORM – Abysmal Dimensions

Taking it up "a notch" in production but still a messy platter of splattered old school style death/doom, Florida's Worm unleash a new LP on Iron Bonehead.

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DEADYN – Backstreet Heroes

For those who fear no tape hiss, this 1989 Italian demo of Lemmyriffic Italian biker metal has an official LP release this month on the Splattered Imprint. Limited to 500 so don't snooze!

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