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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

MENTAL CRUELTY, MEPHITIC GRAVE Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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House-rattling dealthcore, spiralling insane solos, thick-lookin' German dude covered in blood, I can, like, only watch 20 seconds at a time before taking a break. How was your weekend?

MEPHITIC GRAVE – The Vaults of Strangling Fear
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Amazing throwback to 90's Eastern Euro death recorded in a basement during lockdown sounding decidedly Now. Mephitic Grave throttle you around the incessant growl of singer Ádám and the swarming-bees atmosphere projected by guitarist Zoli; it's queasy potent Hungarian goulash courtesy of a split release between Carbonized and My Dark Desire imprints, 'Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity' slams.


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Whoa, Dave Lombardo's new project with Lucien Greaves, Luke Henshaw and Justin Pearson sounds like an evil festering radiator trying to come to life. Cyclical groaning noises, subsonic rattle, evil near-industrial ambience are pretty much the 'hook' here, the sheer experience of creating an atmosphere free of structure for the sheer madness of it. Wild.

CRYPTA – From the Ashes

Slashing, debilitating death metal from these Brazilian/Dutch ladies is exactly what's on tap for our ears today. This new project features Nervosa alumni bassist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto, and while we love the new Nervosa lineup, we gotta applaud the breakout to this madness. Look out for a Crypta Gimme takeover on June 15th and hold on to yer hats!

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WITCHTHROAT SERPENT – The Fall of Whitewood

From a new split with Dead Witches, a new heady dose of Gimme French faves Witchthroat Serpent whom we dug a few years ago on their last LP and special here. Tastefully executed doom full of thick distorted guitar crawl and overall blanket of sonic hopelessness, this track from Heavy Psych Sounds' latest Doom Sessions Vol. 666 will tide us over until the new LP.

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