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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

MASTODON, CADAVER, YATRA Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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CADAVER – Morgue Ritual

Megadeth stickman (and host of Gimme's weekly 'Dirk's Extreme Blast' on Wednesdays 11am ET!) was always a huge fan of Norwegian death brutes Cadaver, so when he met Anders Odden in 2014 and started drumming with him in shortly after, the evolution of songs in the wake and eventual reboot of Cadaver led to studio time in LA and a new Nuclear Blast release 'Edder & Bile'.
Needless to say the crystallized nug of rawness and primitivity that earmarked early Cadaver is well repped here, a true feast of filth. Guest appearance on the LP from Jeff from Possessed to boot!

YATRA – Winter's Dawning

We're big fans of the Grimoire label here at Gimme, and the latest from Maryland doomster Yatra delivers. Heavy walls of thick guitars, titanic wah workouts, air turning into rancid yogurt, recorded in the woods and rife with the spirit. Colossal crushing waves of sound.

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MASTODON (wih Gibby Haynes) – Atlanta

While fans hang loose for new Mastodon material, this odds-n-sods compendium collects stray tracks, one unreleased tune, evena. Game of Thrones contribution and freakin' Flaming Lips and Feist covers. Our choice of the litter is this one incorporating the dulcet pipes of the Butthole Surfers' crooner Gibby Haynes, and while it might whiff of the motorik pound of his Ministry guestspot of yore, it is distinctly Mastodon in punk mode at its core. Some highway pound coupled with tweaked electronics and feedback that flanks this wel.l

FUCK THE FACTS – Pleine Noirceur

Dormant for the last five years, this Canuck grind unit has graduated from Relapse's roster and created 'Pleine Noirceur' on their own Noise Salvation imprint. Few grindcore bands have a sound that can encompass the space of a large venue as well as an underground bunker (when one could inhabit such places) and still deliver the subtleties, but the progression of their aesthetic makes them one of the wider-swinging grindcows to come through the barn door and this may be their most realized sound effort to date.

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The spirit of disparate but kindred artists is at a nice apex for 2020's music with this collaboration. The downtuned-folk aura of Rundle's lovely voice shapeshifts the ambient sludge quota provided by Thou (whose guitarist Andy Gibbs checks in with a Gimme DJ special on October 21st). The line traversed between atmosphere/dread and burst-out sludge onslaughts is tempered, seamless, and striking. From the new Sacred Bones release 'May Our Chambers Be Full'.

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