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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

LUCID SINS, FUEGO ETERNO Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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LUCID SINS – Joker's Dance

Happy to see these Glaswegians back in the saddle again and with a richer, fuller production, and extra augmentation line-up wise. Taking a big ol whiff from the residue in the bottom of Wishbone Ash's hashpipe, Lucid Sins evoke stark 70's vibes while strutting around originality, chock full of black sunshine-baked reverbed vocals, galloping riffs, some Purple organ blasts. Sockodelic doom so good you might be looking for the Vertigo logo stamped somewhere on their May 3rd 'Cursed!' release forthcoming on Totem Cat.

FUEGO ETERNO – Dios Hizo la Carne, Pero el Diablo al Carnicero

Straight out of Los Ángeles (the one in Chile!) this sick death/thrash workout is rife with insane/barked demented Chilean Spanish vocals and hits all the spots just right. Thanks to MW Nader who's been featuring these guys on his New Releases show which every Friday morning on Gimme.

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ZAO – Ship of Thesus

Two decades down the line Zao are still kicking ass with their thrash/HC hybrid, and Dan Weyandt's throatshred continues to peel paint right out of the gate with their return. The song calls into question Zao's extended journey itself, answering their own riddle with no-holds-barred freakout of time, tempo and (claustrophobic) space, showing in no uncertain terms they are here for a reason. Look forward to the forthcoming 'The Crimson Corridor' LP.

MONSTER MAGNET – Mr. Destroyer

Bong voyage to the sailing of the Monster Magnet's return, a covers LP called 'A Better Dystopia' and kicking off the preview right here with a cover of a '72 tune by none other than the great Poo-Bah. Fans of obscure-but-potent 70s proto-metal are gonna have a field day with this, as they take on JD Blackfoot, Morgen, Josephus, Jerusalem, Dust, and of course Hawkwind gets a nod with a version of "Born To Go." A most pleasing way for a band to spend its lockdown year for sure.

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LUCIFUGE – Leviathan Arise

LP #4 from these masters of German black/speed/punk who share a bit stylistically with the likes of Midnight, though the Euro vibe of Lucifuge takes in some more account of galloping hordes-imagery laying waste, though Equinox's vocals are definitely in the maniacal zone of Athenar's. 'Infernal Power' is out April 30 on Dying Victim Productions, allegedly a G.I.S.M. cover is therein, and you also get a great bit of cover art from the awesome Paolo Girardi (Power Trip/Profanatica).

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