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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

KRISIUN, HULDER, MORIBUND DAWN & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Plus Satanic Tea Company and Nicholas Cage Fighter.


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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Krisiun – "Sworn Enemies"

Twelve albums down the line, Krisiun are not giving up their legacy as Brazil's slaying kings of death metal. An ode to keeping it going in severe times, "Sworn Enemies" is a teaser from July 29's Mortem Solis release and what the hey!! They are going to be spinning tunes for you on Gimme Metal August 5th so mark those cals! It's going to be an epic day of programming to say the least.

Satanic Tea Company – "Blood Drenched Torture Chamber"

It's a song! It's also a black tea blend full of cacao and beets! When Dominic Alvarez (aka Crucifix) needed to supplement his offroad touring time, he created the Satanic Tea Company selling its blends via Patreon, in shops in the USA and Canada as well. He's made special brands for Midnight, Cradle of Filth and others, and well, the music is pretty slamming too. Look out for Crucifix to host a Gimme show July 27 with perfect sounds to accompany your steaming pot o' goodness.

Hulder – "Sylvian Awakening"

New song from their Eternal Fanfare EP followup to last year's debut. A dense and beastly sound from a unit that grew from a one-woman black metal project, the spectre of such European grand wizards like Immortal looms large over these frenetic sounds. Furious drumming, tempestuous vocal growls, overall sweeping arrangements to deliver.

Moribund Dawn – "The Frozen Flame"

A gentle intro then unlocked mayhem from this Arizona combo who feed at the trough of all the classic Swedish melodic moves. One Savage Necromancy member sits in the ranks, and the new Dark Mysteries of Time and Eternity is out now on Carbonized. Achingly beautiful, fiery riffs and overall relentlessness dwell within these grim grooves.

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Nicholas Cage Fighter – "Compound and Fracture"

Born from Aussie HC and death metal backgrounds, Nicholas Cage Fighter know how to hammer a riff's listener into submission, with the zeal of Cage himself gobbling that live cockroach in Vampire's Kiss. The delivery of one solid chord of gutpunch here is well tempered with swarming ambience to lift yourself off the ground.

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