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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week



Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

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HELLEBORUS – Blakulla's Meadow

Fantastic to see USBM done with such true worship of not only it's sonic power but its roots and folklore. Hailing from Colorado Springs, Helleborus' latest 'Saprophytic Divinations' (Redefining Darkness label), surprised me with it's unique vision and distinct poetic nature while still adapting familiar and tried-and-true formula. Vocalist S. Wyatt Houseman guest DJs on Gimme this Friday, reairing Sunday and Monday if you want to take a glance into Helleborus' musical influences and DNA.

SVARTGREN – Divlja Vatra

Rough and raw Serbian black metal from a unit that's been around for a decade but have only released one LP prior to this one (Divlja Vatra). Love the thick buzz tone around the guitar, and epic, sweeping fury that carries this through. Definitely has some trademark Eastern Euro darkness but surges with a power and energy driven by some distinctive riffology and misanthropic vocals.

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LEECHED – Earth and Ash

New Prosthetic roster stars squeal and squall through some defiantly ugly structures that threaten to cave in around the vocalist, who sounds completely fighting not to be swallowed up. It's messy, punctuated by seemingly uncontrolled feedback emissions, yet they still stop on a dime and charge right back into the proceedings that go back in the red and over the top. Love that I can't tell if it's bass or percussion, feedback or screaming, it's a pileup.

INTRONAUT – Cubensis

Whatever your thoughts on this you must admit at the advent of MTV no one ever anticipated a time where a murderous dolphin would be portrayed in a music video poking a guy's eyes out on the toilet.

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Amazing Judas Priest/Tank/Accept worship from Bahi, Brazil, Electric Poison are all about the classic elements of true heavy metal, showmanship and all those good things. I get the gist that they might feel a little isolated in what they're doing down there with all the emphasis on speed/thrash etc., but the contrast they create is surely a good ring to hold onto.

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