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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

HISSING, FALLUJAH, EXOCRINE & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks Of The Week

Plus Predatory Light and Gallower.

Photo by Marena Shear

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top five office buzz-worthy tracks.

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Hissing – "Meltdown"

On the latest Profound Lore release Hypervirulence Architecture, Seattle's Hissing continue their merry path of molten meltdown of all extremo genres, black metal, death metal, pure what-the-fuck-noise, their name is quite suitable. It's like a radiator going bananas you don't know whether to adjust the settings of or just shield yourself from spitting, scalding emissions. Their tenure in the deep underground seems to have not affected any kind of production leanings, if anything "Meltdown" is a frothing beast of overloaded sound and it's clear they are interested in nothing but a forward path of even more disruption and insanity.

Fallujah – "Radiant Ascension"

Continuing to set guns on stun 15 years down the line, this Bay Area troupe reflect on the past while still creating a new path for themselves on Empyrean (Nuclear Blast, out in September). Equipped with a dazzling arsenal of tech-death moves, the band continues to switch gears rapidly, blanketing the listener with synthscapes of lush atmosphere at times, though often punctuated with kinetic blizzards of guitar soloing amidst shifting tempos at the blink of an eye.

Predatory Light – "Wracked By Sacred Fires"

Eerie and foreboding return after six years from this Southwest crew (one member spending time in the rising Vanum) but Death By the Twilight Hours (20 Buck Spin) is well worth the wait. Solos reach majestically over smoking ruins below, plague-infested imagery looms large in the lyrics, choking flames of black metal leap alongside the maniacal, procession-like drumming ritual, the snare smacking at the side of your head like a piece of fetid meat. Predatory Light's members reach out with complex figures from each of their corners, the sum of the parts coming together in one sick mass.

Exocrine – "Dying Light"

High speed and off the rails, France's Exocrine add a distinct Euro-flair to their unfailing tech attack. Symphonic swells and classic chord structures underline the brutal-but-precise slice and dice of the guitars and rhythms going on here. Disorder and order butt heads in a most pleasing way, despite the frenzy there's great melodic elements and adventurous moves seen in other units like Archspire. A bit off the beaten path for Unique Leader label fans, but ultimately a rewarding cage-rattle going on here.

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Gallower – "Eastern Witchcraft"

Mighty riff stomping gives way to quadruple-time drum pummel and a cave-shrouded bark reminiscent of some primo 80's hardcore. Maniacal trash with the Venom penchant to color a little outside the lines when it comes to precision! But ultimately an asswhipping hurricane of filth and fury. Check out the new EP on Dying Victims Productions!

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