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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

HIBERNUS MORTIS, ELDER, DEMON HUNTER & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Photo by Maren Michaelis

Buzzworthy songs that buzz throughout the Gimme Metal office.

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Hibernus Mortis – "Vomitus Imperium"

Stinking of fetid Florida Everglades humidity, Hibernis Mortis had a slew of releases from 1996-2006, returning more evolved/devolved on this new offering ‘The Monoliths of Cursed Slumber’. Bonerattling bass, trashcan-thrash percussion and an arsenal of tweaked effects swirl you down into the abyss with this extremely artful and dynamic death. The colorful sound effects don’t add much levity to the low-slung band attack, but enforce the darkness and dismay to more powerful effect.

Elder – "Coalescence"

The curious sound of Elder lopes with post rock spindle and sheen. Doom abounds, but as the meditativeness sets in they leap into a dynamic realm of shiny prog, swirling around sunny, charismatic vocals almost akin to Rush workouts, if that crew were more bonghitter/sun-starers. Off-kilter time signatures dance merrily in the desert, elegant guitar figures cascade in continual left-hand turns, ‘Innate Passage’ a bright and beguiling release. We have them set for a guest DJ special coming up too, so mark your calendars for January 11th at 1pm ET.

Demon Hunter – "Another Place"

Heavy with Alice In Chains/Soundgarden vibes, Demon Hunter should spark with the masses looking for a heady dose of melodicism and dark riffage in glorious technicolor. Set in the aftermath of civilized society's collapse, their latest LP ‘Exile’ also features a comic book written by vocalist Ryan Clark. Guest spots abound from Max Cavalera, Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund, and Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner. The band checks in Tuesday, December 13th for a Gimme guest takeover of the netwaves with a batch of choice song picks. Buy Now at Gimme Metal

Ready For Death – "Worldwide Blackout"

Birthed with members of ex-members of Pelican, Swan King, Millhouse, Concrete Cross and others, Ready For Death met at their kids’ taekwondo class (in fact they got their name when Dallas Thomas’ kid kicked a door open with a toy sword and yelled “Ready For Death!”) and brewed up a dystopian apocalyptic thrash demo that burned down the door at Translation Loss so well that they insisted the demo became the LP. Colorful and crushing, their self-titled debut hits December 9th and they take on a Gimme guest DJ spot on Wednesday, December 14th. Buy Now at Gimme Metal

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Caliban – "The Shadow"

Already top 10 in their homeland Germany where they kicked off a tour last week, Caliban’s return finds their crossover metalcore sound continuing into grandiose realms. Heavy with emotion and surging synths, their busy guitar crunch accents the fury at hand, the song’s lyrics depicting confusion and betrayal without laying dormant in any sap.

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HIBERNUS MORTIS, ELDER, DEMON HUNTER & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Lamb Of God – Sacrament

Rightfully claiming the 2006 Revolver Album of the Year Award, Sacrament by Lamb of God reigns in the band's hot output into a more organized and harder-hitting album than previous works. These 46 minutes of delightful riffs are pressed onto an extremely limited batch of white vinyl. Secure your piece today in the Gimme Metal Store!

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