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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

HAUNT, HÄLLAS, MASTER BOOT RECORD & More Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks Of The Week

Plus Pestilength and Abysmalist.

Hällas – (Photo Credit to Marcus Carlsson)
Hällas (Photo: Marcus Carlsson)

Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top five office buzz-worthy tracks.

Haunt – "Windows of Your Heart"

Fresno's Trevor William Church has been pretty prolific in the last years churning out heaps of his trademark melody-soaked traditional heavy metal, this latest single the title track of the latest forthcoming July 1 release. More Ozzy than Lizzy this time around, twin guitar leads get eschewed in favor of lots of Randy Rhoades-style chug and Van Halen-y divebomb harmonic squeals, but his stamp remains strong. See Haunt out on the road very soon!

Abysmalist – "Therapeutic Exhumation"

With a thundering drum intro segueing into some septic riffage, Fred Avila's throat-scorching lower end vocals come ripping in and ably demonstrate this one-time-one-man Sacramento band's perfect wedding of death and doom. Plodding rhythms belie the scurrying guitars and equal parts space and suffocation. Releasing on the Maggot Stomp label, which hosts a showcase of its roster wares on Gimme May 9 with a special here!

Hällas – "The Inner Chamber"

Had to listen twice to make sure this wasn't something off a 1971 Vertigo sampler, swirling Deep Purple organs, acrobatic prog rhythms and a good soaking of Swedish folk sensibilities. They're calling it "Adventure Rock!" Isle of Wisdom is out on Napalm right now.

Pestilength – "Thelegm"

Basque-region death sporting Portal-style density and some extreme voice gargle. Riffs pulse like helicopter blades, filthy production frames some ambitious passages of start-stop complexity, but all the while they're chop-chop-chopping away at you. Their sonic base surely a creepy, crawly, tranced-out soundscape, but within they're slicing and dicing like crazy.

Master Boot Record – "80386"

The return of our favorite 486DX-33MHz-64MB chiptune processor, and with everyone working at home these days, looks like the 8-bit ghost known as Victor Love wants to make your streaming experience more colorful than ever. Not purely soulless robotics at hand here, MBR reel in classical chaos, heavy synths and organic sounding symphonic elements into its thrash. It's squarely based on what Kraftwerk sought out to prove with their icy musical humanization of machines, MBR update it… to the 80's!

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