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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

GAHHLS WYRD, ALESSANDRO MORESCHI Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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GAHHLS WYRD – The Humming Mountain

Seems as if Gahhl's pandemic downtime has allowed some serious dives into studio development of sound and vision in his already expansive, epic music, with amazing results on this new mini-LP. Named for an actual locale in his region, The Humming Mountain spotlights the commanding aspects of nature and spirituality living alongside mankind, and how the intersection of sound and the natural elements themselves are reliant on each other. As a quartet, this latest leap forward seems to have the band much more focused on obtaining the perfect studio settings to reflect this organic relationship, with great result.

ALESSANDRO MORESCHI – The Voice of The Last Castrato

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Somewhat of a celebrity in his time, Alessandro Moreschi (1858-1922) was the only living recorded castrato. It's not known whether he was castrated for health or singing reasons, but it's safe to say right here that the recently reissued 'Last Castrato' recordings compiled on LP (Fantome Phonagraphique label) is without doubt the earliest and darkest metal record of all time. He served as First Soprano of the Sistine Chapel Choir for three decades, and you'll likely not hear a soul as ghostly sounding as this anytime soon.

GENOCIDE PACT – Perverse Dominion

With track titles on their forthcoming self titled Relapse LP like "Led To Extinction", "Industrial Obedience" and "Fossilized Future" Genocide Pact have certainly seized on the times with a somewhat unified theme going on here. Nihilistic embrace aside, the death metal embedded in these grooves is upright and lashing out in all directions, full of filth and fury.

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WORM – Murk Above the Dark Moor

Culled from their forthcoming 20 Buck Spin LP 'Foreverglade', Florida (of course) funereal doomheads crawl from the marsh with what promises to be some glorious, claustrophobic and combustible sounds for fans of Disembowelment and their ilk. Release is October 22, but vinyl not til January but will include a 24 x 36 poster to adorn your gator den.

CHALICE OF 7 – Peel This Flesh Off Of Me

Birthed in 2016, these Finns have been fapping speakers with their totally raw/ guttural soul-moan and the recent 'I' release was the feelbad depressive black metal beach accompaniment of the summer without doubt. Glaring walls of hiss, vocal emanations from the darkest recesses, production out the window. Dug this one off of our great Battleflutes and Sideways Skulls program.

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