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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

DUEL, FULL OF HELL Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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DUEL – Children Of Fire

The return of this Austin quartet finds them still chugging with heavy classic stoner vibes and distortion settings, this one jumps through some Thin Lizzy hoops to boot. Motoring down with these guys promises to be a hoot on their forthcoming 'In Carne Persona' LP (Heavy Psych Sounds).

FULL OF HELL – Industrial Messiah Complex

Release the fucking fury! An intro blast of hair-raising feedback, off to the races. Full Of Hell pick up right where they left off with a new barrage of electronic-inflected, blown out HC/grind/death sickness, teased here to preview their new forthcoming 'Garden Of Burning Apparitions' LP on Relapse, and we're stoked to announce that Dylan's back for another one of his legendary DJ spot on Gimme October 6th!

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PRAISE THE PLAGUE – Blackening Swarm II

An icy doomcave here, dripping with black metal stalactites. This German combo swarms with some suffocating production and buzzing riffage that ebbs and flows into gentle plucked passages and strings before rising up again. A nice detour from the black metal revisionism that gets plastered everywhere, the doom and sludge accents especially make this most pleasing.


Having a frontman named Gaz Howells certainly gives some lift to the flashy, slamming jams going on here: gargle-riffic throat over some truckin' thrash and straight on Motorhead-via-Manchester coolness. One of these guys was in Wode, there's a certain allegiance to the sound of traditional British heavy metal, but amped up on all kindsa stuff. Solid!

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HOODED MENACE – Those Who Absorb the Night

An amalgamation of death and doom that both swallows you up and elevates with an epic sensibility of melancholy and grandness. Looking forward to 'The Tritonous Bell' LP heading out August 27th on Season of Mist, and the band's guest special on Gimme Wednesday August 18th at 3pm ET/12pm PT!

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