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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

DEAFKIDS & PETBRICK, ANAAL NATHRAKH Among Gimme's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

DEAFKIDS & PETBRICK – Sweat-Drenched Wreck

As Petbrick, Sepultura's Iggor Cavalera has been snooping around in some weird hidden pockets of sub-underground metal, and hooking up with Brazilian psych-noise unit Deafkids has made for one interesting pile of mutant music. Acidic, ominous, full of crushing breakbeats, unexpected turns and total incategorizability, Deafbrick (on Neurot Recordings) is another amazing slab of complete experimentation, lurching into the unknown void to create bastard hybrids of everything you would assume metal wouldn't go near, yet still manages to infuse its spirit. Noisy, skullsplitting confusion in fine form.

ANAAL NATHRAKH – Endarkenment

Vocalist Dave Hunt and multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney's longrunning project has taken leaps and bounds with their evolution and assault. While folks are marvelling at the upfront and highly discernable vocal attack on this new track in comparison to their early days, Anaal Nathrakh's football-stadium chant penchant as of late works ably to sculpt their feral sound into more layers of cohesion while simultaneously tearing at its own fabric. An always interesting project, their obviously hardened doom-and-gloom stance on the world is evidence in the song title, the opposite of enlightenment, and the LP of the same name hits on October 2nd on Metal Blade. The band will host a guest special on Gimme in advance on September 25th, not to be missed.

VENOM PRISON – Daemon Vulgaris

The UK combo's third LP continues to be full of hybrid of intense personal politics and hardcore-informed pummel, vocalist Larissa Stupar continuing a gutteral attack to be reckoned with, rife with hissing and hellaciousness. 'Primevil' is out on Prosthetic October 9th, and the band checks in for its second Gimme guest DJ appearance on October 2nd!

UZKOST – Blood Debt

(WARNING: Seizure-y video material) "Blood Debt" is the latest from this Pittsburgh combo, its rotted amalgam of blackened death metal and pure doom whipped into a cyclonic frenzy, splattered and sophisticated at the same time. They hammer you hard with a sense of despair, and also prominently display their anti-racism and pro-change stance via their webpage. Righteous Rust Belt rage going on here.

CRUST – Approaching Grave

From Russia, Crust may not necessarily be crust, but they're amazingly adept at swinging from tree to tree with a variety of influences. Slow Sabbath-surge gives way to frenzied outbreaks and gutteral vocals, and while sludge, speed and Sabbath may not go hand in hand this crew tends to do it all pretty well. Their '…And A Dirge Becomes An Anthem' full length came out August 14th and is worth an ear.

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