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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

DARKTHRONE, BONG NAGAR Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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Darkthrone's nine-minute opus return (thanks You Tube for dropping an ad splat in the middle of it harshing my vibe) claustrophobically rattles your cage with all the elements we cherish. Lo-fi 80's demo vibe production, stumbling, bleak atmosphere that evolves into bonafide Sabbath riff choogle halfway through the proceedings. Darkthrone endure and make the basement air smokier and damper than most, welcome back.

BONG NAGAR – Cultura

With an introductory standalone chord that strikes dread and terror unlike anything since the intro to "Baker Street", Bong Nagar metamorphosize from a distilled pile of Russian sludge and crawl screeching into Gimme's heavy rotation bin effortlessly. Piercing feedback, punctual passages of chaotic thrashing, this is pure putridity in its most base form.

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FULCI – Glass

These Italian death-horror fans (named of course for cult director Lucio Fulci) have surfaced with a collaboration with synth unit TV Crimes for a crawling soundtrack/nightmare of an LP 'Exhumed Information' out July 23rd. Conceptually, they reflect on Lucio's '91 horrorfest 'Voices From Beyond', capturing the Master's spirit in some unrelenting nightcrawling sounds. Look out for the band Fulci's guest DJ special on Gimme July 19th!

MÜTHERLOAD – The Visitor

Vicious vocals from a guy who faces a bit more adversity in this video than your usual Canadian dealing with the cold: getting the right drapes for your wood-paneled basement/practice den (nice!), having to spend the length of the clip barfing up green garbage after a slime monster wrangles your face, and of course what to do with the doctor who comes to check you out that you inevitably begin to beat and torture. Good news though, they're pals at the end, and Mütherload are powered by some kick ass fuel!

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OPHIDIAN I – Spiral To Oblivion

This is some advanced shit. Brutal hypertechnical death from Iceland moving in seamlessly-packed, clean flurries of riffs and note that alone in concept are staggering to behold, but this all isn't just dazzle. Soaring compositions augmented by evolving structures and grisly, powerful vocals make this a buzzing machine of pure intensity and a sucks you in to all the elements, not just sealing you on the outside to observe the flash and mastery of what's happening here. 'Desolate' hits July 16th on Season Of Mist, and drink some coffee to keep up with their Gimme takeover show on July 27!

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