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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week



Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

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APPRENTICE DESTROYER – Permanent Climbing Monolith

Bay area unit now sporting no less than four guitarists (from such notable combos as Ulthar, Vastum, Pale Chalice), this particular breed of heaviness surges with pure prog/psychedelic synergy. Layers of repetition wash in an almost metallic Glenn Branca axe-army mode, til the dam breaks and they all pile on top of each other, flanked by echo-laden vocals and hypnotic rhythm. It almost reminds me of mid-80's Wire in a way coarsing through the blood of the late 90's Kraut-metal SF crew. It remains metal but the heaviness rests moreso in the shifting dissonant chord clash than any singular solo-crammed theatrics. Propulsive atmopshere abounds here, this is very different, and traverses a number of lines.

ARKAIK – Supernal Flame

Santa Cruz, CA demons have been ripping it up on tour with Fallujah and this particular slab of prog death. Hypersonic technical flash aside, these guys pack a wallop around the insanely gutteral vocal growls and blinding leads that flank what sounds like a quadruple bass and drum artillery!

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From their latest 'When We Are Forgotten', the latest from these German Black Forest dwellers see them continue on a course of delivering solid atmospheric black metal.

CANNABIS CORPSE – Cylinders of Madness

More Dank Death metal from these Richmond freakazoids, this video is probably better for the Indica-leaning than Sativa fans who might, uh, go the wrong way with it. Getting gored to death by a giant lump of weed may not be the best visual for a You Tube-grazing stoner on a late night, but this video might be a better vehicle of transport there for you.

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HIGH COMMAND – Visions From the Blade

Man, more metal vocalists like Kevin Fitzgerald please, deliberate, bombastic throat-gargle in the best mode of John Brannon, out to totally gut. These Worcester, MA stormtroopers just came off a tour with Spirit Adrift and hit the pavement via Southern Lord September 27th with their latest, Beyond the Wall of Desolation. Ripping riffs, stomping rhythms, an all out blitzkrieg.

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