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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

BORIS, ÚLFÚD, SUMMING THE LICH & MORE Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

Photo by Yoshihiro Mori

Torching tracks straight from Gimme's own Head of Programming, Brian Turner.

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Boris – "満ち草 -michikusa-"

Japan’s masters of thundering, psychedelic doom released their fade LP on Bandcamp in December but it’s now forthcoming on double wax pressed via Third Man and exclusive to Sacred Bones. For over two decades the trio has, at their own glacial but prolific pace, imagined some of the most colorful applications of heavy sound, and this extracted cut finds their arsenal of Orange amps howling a sick drone against a 16 RPM windstorm to awesome effect. Their drive of invention and reinvention is truly remarkable, it’s yet another hue in the amazing spectrum they conjure forth album and album.

Úlfúð – "Where Strange Lights Dance"

Born of Iceland’s insistent need to, well, be dark, Úlfúð's (pronounced “Ool-Wooth”) debut album ‘Of Existential Distortion’ hops lavaflows with sheer control and brutality with an inimitable mix of black and death metal. A swelling, grand statement to behold. The release is out March 17 on Dark Descent, and not only will the band host a guest DJ special on Gimme March 3, but Gimme Metal’s shop will have an exclusive variant as well on Clear with Black and Blue splatter wax. You can pre order now!

Summoning The Lich – "The Forest Feasts"

Pure and unfettered by reverb, Summoning the Lich’s swarm-of-locusts attack melds druid lore and insane technical death, a fetid fantasy gone 3D. David Bruno’s gruesome vocals switch channels between goregutted demon and squelchy goblin almost in self -conversation, the rapidfire smackdown of terror spinning around from ear to ear in the wild mix. It’s barely all contained within the grooves here, yet even a sense of melodicism finds elbow room in the nutzoid landscape these goons provide. Almost too much to imagine live how they hold it all down, but indeed they are hitting the road with Gorod so go see ‘em!

Kommand – "Chimera Soldiers"

Following up their 2020 debut on Maggot Stomp, Kommand are back with a completely primitive death assault on Death Age (due in March on 20 Buck Spin). A flat out assault out of the gate, this LA crew replicate the smog and tar pits environment around them ably. Crackling distorto-guitar, cavernous vocals and unrelenting snare thwack knock you down and don’t let you up til it’s over and the ruins are smoking around you. Check out their guest DJ special on Gimme April 4!

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Stabbing – "Extirpated Mortal Process"

The septic gurgle to which this Texas half-male/half-female quartet excel in traverses assorted brutal themes, and is a psychotic grind-mess of high caliber. Born from Texas, Stabbing make it clear the air in the room is going out the door fast, so lock in a spot and hold on for a rapid sludge avalanche. This is the title track of their latest on Comatose Music. Buy Now on Gimme Metal


Dutch Symphonic Metal Masters Delain's Founder Martijn Westerholt joins DJ Alex Kayne inside the SLAUGHTERHOUSE for a cool chat about Delain's latest album Dark Waters which is out February 10 from Napalm Records!

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