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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

BEWITCHER, ANATOMIA Among Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week


Gimme Metal Program Director Brian Turner delivers the week's top 5 office buzz-worthy tracks.

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BEWITCHER – Death Returns

While some may be noting Bewitcher's move into a more polished rock zone after their last full-speed attack, it sounds just great to the ears around the office here. While definitely more layered than last time, Bewitcher sound pretty blackened, the clarity of the division guitars define their all-encompassing sound and spread out their tapestry even more to accomodate those snickering, sick vocals (which sound even more evil double tracked). Fast galloping and furious stuff.

ANATOMIA – Mangled Flesh
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Japan's Anatomia know how to savor their death metal, often slowing down to accent drummer/vocalist Takashi's slow straw-sip throat gurgle but are also highly capable of knocking brains off the wall, all as a duo. This track comes to us from our pals at Horror Pain Death Gore Death in Philly, as part of a split release with the equally capable Mausoleum.

KRYPTIK MUTATION – Blistering Blow

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Some well-studied Texas grind/thrash students create fast/heavy blasts coupled with top-shelf grisly thematic imagery. Extremism and gore with a definite nod that a fun time is to be had once you put down the machete and pick up a video game controller.

BONES OF THE EARTH – Peaceseeker

This Arkansas combo presents some sonically rich stuff here, boisterous post-HC vocal bark, crushing caveman riffs and melodic post-metal flights of fancy. Equal parts primitivism and flash make for interesting listening, clicking switches from blasts of fuzz-flange into deeply emotive quiet passages are just one of the many elements that make this track and band colorful.

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SORE DREAM – Clattering Debris of the Forest

Not much of your typical grindcore track, but rather the DNA of grindcore itself melted down to a belching puddle of its primordial oozy state. This thing hisses, gurgles and barfs for a few minutes with an incidental clangy percussion sounding like a sick railroad track alert, then erupts fully into a gigantic wall of hiss before subsiding back into its dormant state. It's got the hook we like around here!

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