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Top Tracks of the Week

ALLEGAEON, EGGS OF GOMORRH Among The Top Tracks of the Week

Posted by on February 7, 2019 at 1:05 pm

Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

Culled from the week’s past shows, these tracks have the Gimme Radio DJs' seal of approval, have the listeners demanding more and the Gimme office buzzing.

ALLEGAEON – Stellar Tidal Disruption

A teaser to preview the Apoptosis release coming up April 19th on Metal Blade. This Colorado combo congeal their already-synchronized twin guitar/bass symbiotic relationship to perfection here, locked-in melodic/death destruction done flawlessly. Guitarist/remaining founding member Greg Burgess hits Gimme this week as well with a guest DJ special.


Stop/start pummel and bestial black/death from deep inside some Swiss alp, hailing from Geneva, released on the French Krycyator label. Ritualistically rotten.

ABDUCTION – Infinite Ancient Hexes

Third LP from this UK one man unit called A|V is surprisingly full and expansive sounding. Raw yet rich, layered misanthropy on the Inferna Profundus label (Lithuania's springboard for Marduk, Abruptum, and other purveryors of joy).

ONSET – Permeation: The Ordeal

Duo from Singapore who throw a sideways smattering of bright light into their formula, as if to underline that Doom as an established genre isn't something that needs a strict rulebook. Make sense that Mirai of Japan's Sigh makes a guest appearance, as he's done his share to tear up templates himself. A rich post-rock vibe also looms large over this release, a debut EP titled Unstructured Dissemination (see what I mean).

BLUE CHEER – Doctor Please

Much Gimme love this week in the passing of drummer extraordinaire Paul Whaley (our Dave Catching relayed the great story on air of how the Mamas and Papas had to cancel their "California Dreaming" session due to the soundbleed of the Cheer next door recording Out of Focus). Can't forget the first time I saw the "Summertime Blues" video to see Whaley's caveman tom-pounding under his wild Cousin It mane. "Doctor Please" especially cracks open into freeform heaviosity unmatched.

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