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The Wednesday Sludge

The Wednesday Sludge: LOTUS ASH The Evening Redness

Get ready for the cold landscape that makes up Lotus Ash's The Evening Redness.

Get ready for the cold landscape that makes up Lotus Ash's The Evening Redness.

In this week’s Wednesday Sludge you’ll be able to stream the entirety of Lotus Ash’s new record, The Evening Redness.

These Milwaukee sludge fellas have crafted a captivating atmosphere in their droning tunes. The album is pure instrumentals (minus some slight vocal work in the first track). While the tracks do come with a sense of dark ethereal air, there’s this vast “earthy” sound to the music. An example of this is in the song, “Sometimes Comes The Wolf.” It erupts at first, but trudges forward with a sense of wandering. The bass crunches down to create the gritty flow, as the guitar’s brightest adds to an element of emotional distance. Instrumentally the spotlight is on the bass work and guitar. The bass in particular delivers and utterly heavy presence, giving the weight and feeling of one sinking into mud. It establishes that earthy vibe of wandering, and a lingering feeling of loneliness one may feel alone within the woods.

“Breadth Of The Horizon” comes in with this cold flow, like walking through a snow covered forest where the trees have lost their leaves. “The Evening Redness” drones on with a hefty aura that can only be felt in the dead of night. Guitar rhythm adds a flavorful kick, as the drumming and bass continue to pummel the listener. The guitar adds a sinister ring that makes for an evil undertone felt throughout The Evening Redness. The music for all its heaviness is also meditative, as each song sinks the listener deep into its dirty core. This blend of doom ridden sludge makes for music of great environmental presence. Like the barren fields that make the Midwest, Lotus Ash’s The Evening Redness is an immersive progression into a desolate and cold land.

Feel free to stream The Evening Redness below, and follow Lotus Ash via Facebook. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts on the album are!

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