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THE FACELESS' Evan Brewer Jammed With SUICIDAL TENDENCIES And There Is Video

If you're a bassist, you have to be all about Suicidal Tendencies and their off-shoot, Infectious Grooves. Don't even try to argue it. The low-end in those projects in incomparable.

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Evan Brewer has stated that Suicidal Tendencies is part of the reason he picked up the bass, so he must've been like a kid in a candy store last Thursday night (Oct. 17th), when ST invited him up on stage in Brest, France to jam on some grooves.

Of course there is video footage:

Could this be the band that Brewer hinted he was trying out for? I doubt it. As MetalSucks points out, current Suicidal bassist, Tim “RAWBIZ” Williams was also at the show and played for the majority of the set. Of course, they could be working on a transition here, but to me, Suicidal sort-of seems like a step down for Evan. Don't get me wrong, the band is LEGENDARY and I love 'em, but at the same time, career wise, they are not exactly blowin' up the charts.

Either way, this must've been a really fun moment for Brewer, I would've been scared shitless to share a stage with Mike Muir, but he pulled it off like a champ.

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