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THE FACELESS Bassist Evan Brewer Is Not Leaving The Band

Posted by on September 26, 2013 at 4:17 pm

Last Friday, news sprung up on MetalSucks that bassist Evan Brewer was not seen on stage with The Faceless at the first few shows of their current tour with Between The Buried and Me. This led to speculation that Brewer might be gone from the band, as was the case with previous member dismissals.

Evan Brewer just posted an update assuring fans he isn't going anywhere.

The bassist left this message on his Facebook page:

It's reassuring the hear that he isn't leaving the Faceless. Our friends at MetalSucks have previously said they heard the band Evan is trying out for is "legendary," which leads me to assume that the band he is auditioning for might be Cynic. Former Faceless bassist Brandon Giffin performed with Cynic a few years ago, and perhaps might not be able to commit to touring now that Cynic is coming back around. Please note, this is pure speculation on my part, not backed by any inside knowledge.

Who do you think Evan auditioned for?

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