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Nós Somos Família

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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Recruits Members Of RATOS DE PORÃO, CRYPTA & More For "Nós Somos Família"

A rework of their 1999 track.

Suicidal Tendencies has revisited their 1999 track "We Are Family" with a whole slew of guest musicians.

"Nós Somos Família" features vocalists Suicidal Tendencies vocalist Mike Muir alongside Badauí (Cpm22), João Gordo (Ratos de Porão), B Negão (Planet Hemp), Rodrigo Lima (Dead Fish), Supla, Fernanda Lima (Crypta), Sandro Dias, Milton Aguiar (Bayside Kings), Mayara Puertas (Torture Squad), Felipe Ribeiro (Treva), Pirata Homes (Anjo dos Becos), Ya Amaral (Eskrota), Júnior Bass and Marinho.

Then on guitar is Dean Pleasants, Ben Weinman, Thiago Castanho, and Marcão Britto alongside bassist Tye Trujillo and new drummer Jay Weinberg. So basically if you've ever wanted a Suicidal Tendencies supergroup featuring tons of Brazilian legends, here it is!

On "Nós Somos Família", Muir said in an interview with journalist Igor Miranda: "We'd always talked about like doing a song with some other people. And my friends got on the phone. We got Jay in the studio, recorded a track. I said, 'Let me talk to a few people.' They said, 'Who would you want me to talk to?' I mentioned a few people and got everybody in the studio recording on it. And it was just a great to see everybody on FaceTime or whatever doing it, how excited everybody was, how gracious they were with their time and everything. Amazing."

"I think when it comes to music, a lot of times people talk about travel and this and that and I always say, you see the side from a hotel room or driving down the road, but when people welcome you and you can go to places and feel at home and they welcome you in their homes and you meet their families and all that, that's an amazing feeling. And then on the music side, for some people to be on a song that you did, that's just something that I never would have dreamed of when it first started."

"Nós Somos Família" was recorded at Estúdio Central in São Paulo, Brazil, and was produced by Alex Palaia. "Nós Somos Família" was produced by Paul Northfield and Júnior Bass, and mastered by Northfield.

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