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Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: Shred Your Soul With VITIATED And HYPERMASS

It looks like I'll be repeating last weeks format of having a brand new Canadian technical death metal bands demo followed by a full record by a band of non-Canadian origin. But the comparison stops there, so follow below and check out two of 2015's best technical death metal releases. Last weeks initial installment can be found here: Tech-Death Tuesday Week One

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Vitiated  Promo 2015

vitiated art

Today we begin with Quebec natives Vitiated, and in a similar vein to fellow Canadians Sutrah covered last week, they are a brand new band who've managed to deliver a jaw-dropping opening musical statement. If you are a fan of Archspire and Beyond Creation, you'll dig the three songs on Promo 2015 a whole lot. All three songs carry that aggressive and over-the-top feel mixed with a brutal edge that Archspire do so well. Yet all three songs are equally balanced out by a gorgeous melodic and progressive focus that fellow Canadians Beyond Creation are adept at. The manner in which Vitiated divide their music between pure molten hatred and heavenly ethereal heights really helps set them apart. It never feels forced, in spite of taking you by surprise when those sudden shifts take the music swiftly in the opposite direction.

Of the three songs present, track three, "Origin Of Evil", is my favorite, and the most progressive piece of music on Promo 2015. Just under a minute into it and Vitiated segue into an unexpected hyper-funk driven bass guitar passage paired with a twisted solo underneath before returning to high octane blasting chaos. I really like all three songs a lot, and its definitely exciting to hear a band like Vitiated playing technical death metal at a higher level than most of their peers even at the very beginning of their career.

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Hypermass Clouded Visions

hypermass art

Our second band for the day are called Hypermass and they hail from the frozen realm of Norway. While they don't fit neatly into what most people think of when the term technical death metal is thrown around, they certainly have a pronounced technical focus and enough of its elements in their DNA to warrant inclusion in this series.  Plus I feel like it will add some diversity and longevity to this series to highlight bands such as Hypermass who certainly toy with technical death metal elements, even if that's not their whole sound altogether.

Hypermass play a unique blend of complex death metal with a strong melodic and thrash influence in its deathly bones.  There is also a blackened and jazzy tint to certain parts of their songs as well from time to time. To sum up the many different sounds presented on their debut full-length, Clouded Visions, think of Revocation. If Revocation were to flip their formula and played technical death/thrash instead of technical thrash/death. That is a slight simplification of what's going on here, but fairly accurate, and not at all a knock against Hypermass. Clouded Visions has enough going on that it's certainly their own thing in spite of it frequently reminding me of Revocation. Which again, is not a bad thing, as I'm sure you'll agree once you hear how killer this sounds!

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