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Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: Dive Deep Into A Dual Early Stream From THE NOUMENON And DREAM VOID

Posted by on July 12, 2016 at 4:07 pm

Hey there tech-fiends! The early stream train continues and I'm doing it a bit differently today by making it a double early stream edition from two bright young bands called The Noumenon and Dream Void. Before we dive into that, here's a reminder as always that you can peruse all prior editions of the series if you're looking for more bands you might enjoy!

The Noumenon- Terminus

While it's always sad when talented bands we love break up, it often feels more disheartening to see bands who were brilliant or on the cusp of it, break up before they can release something that further proves their worth. For awhile there, this is the exact situation I thought would happen to The Noumenon. The Alberta, Canada five piece dropped a well-crafted and eclectic EP in 2011 called Apocrypha, then after working on a follow up, sort of stopped moving forwards on it some time ago from what a band member had told me. Luckily something happened to cause them to return as five years later the band's new EP, Terminus, is just about to be released this Friday!

The wait was definitely worth it because The Noumenon have upped their game considerably on Terminus, which is impressive to me with how good Apocrypha was. This time around, the band has more progressive metal in its technical death metal blood, and in a way, the presentation of this mixture of ideas brings to mind Black Crown Initiate's occasional integration of clean singing as well as their prog infused take on the sound. But The Noumenon are hardly imitative of them, that's just a sonic point of reference to give you a ballpark for the kind of sound they play. I also enjoy the presence of keyboard/piano synth-work from vocalist Kyle Cusiac throughout Terminus that adds another interesting layer to their music. While no pre-order links are available for me to include, Terminus will officially come out this Friday,  July 15th and will be available on Bandcamp. If you follow the band over on their Facebook page you'll know once they've released it and where to find it!


Dream Void-Deceptive Dreamscape


Now we move on to the second early stream for today's post, a four song ripping EP called Deceptive Dreamscape from upstart Indiana unit Dream Void.  As many of you know, I like the idea of doing a yin and yang deal when it comes to covering bands for this series. So if The Noumenon was today's proggy tech-death pick, Dream Void is its opposite: Evil and mind-scraping super shredding tech-death fueled by blastbeats and immense energy. While this is an aggressive slab of tech-death through and through, the band does delve into occasional atmospheric infused passages and injects their songs with  snippets of cave-man like brutal death metal to keep it interesting.

For a new band, Dream Void show plenty of promise throughout each song on Deceptive Dreamscape. Keep an eye on these guys to do even bigger and better things moving forwards. Also just to clear one thing up, the end of each song title says Master, but that is not part of the song titles, just denoting it's the final mastered version of the songs. If you like what you hear, Deceptive Dreamscape officially drops tomorrow. No pre-order links are up, but the band will have it up for sale on Bandcamp tomorrow. So follow them over on their Facebook page and stay tuned when they officially drop it and link to it.

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