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Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: CATALYST Summon The Undead “To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate”

Get wrecked.

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Greetings tech fiends, it's that time of the week again. Before we dive into today's column, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking to find even more sick bands, you can do so here.

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Today we are venturing into the depths of the French technical death metal scene with new music from Catalyst. The French scene has a rich and storied history that has brought us many beloved acts such as Gorod, Fractal Universe, Exocrine, Chaos Motion, Kronos, Henker, and old-school legends Carcariass among many others. Should any of those lesser-known names be new to you, check them out for some mind-blowing music guaranteed to stick with you.

If you're looking for new music that fits right in with the French tech-death greats, look no further than "To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate". This epic and skull-crushing song comes from the band's upcoming sophomore album, A Different Painting For A New World, which will come out on October 14th through Non Serviam Records.

Versatility is the name of the game on "To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate", this is a dense and eclectic work of art that draws from bands old and new. Combining and bridging the gap between all that is super sweep picking and tapping focused, serpentine-like melody-driven, absurdly brutal-minded, and delightfully prog-death-infused strains of tech-death. Ambitious comes to mind most of all when I take stock of all the song has to offer and how to succinctly describe the main vibe I get from it.

Lyrically, the song continues the original story that the band has been building up since its inception. The band shared with us that "Catalyst tells an original story of a universe brought to life by 8 Lords, originally protecting its integrity, but now corrupted by the almighty Creator, that once was the ninth Lord. Thus, the album A Different Painting For A New World is the second chapter of the story written by the band, continuing the story told in the first chapter named 'The Great Purpose Of The Lords,' released in 2019."

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The cover art for their new album alone does a fantastic job of immersing you in the world they've created for their music. Hell, even the album's title, A Different Painting For A New World, feels like the perfect fit for something meant to draw you into another plane of existence. In addition to how good the song itself is, the music video is great and tells part of their ongoing story, with undead beings and supernatural otherworldliness visually showing one small portion of their worldbuilding realm brought to life, literally. Fuckery is afoot, and like any good story, you'll have to stay tuned to see how things pan out in the end.

So be sure to check out Catalyst's "To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate" below and give it a few spins since there is so much going on from start to finish. If you like what you're hearing, pre-orders for Catalyst's A Different Painting For A New World are available here and here. You can follow the band through their Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

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