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Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: GOREWORM Unleash A Plague of Shadows


Hey there, tech fiends. It's that time of the week again. Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking for even more sick bands to hear, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

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One of the problems with striving to do something every week of the year for years on end is that inevitably, it gets harder to achieve that at times for any number of reasons. With that in mind, I'll have to apologize for not having the time that today's release we're focusing on deserves, but hopefully those who read this just zero in on the music which is what matters most here.

For anyone who has been following this space, Ontario, Canada-based brutal tech-death extremists Goreworm dropped one hell of a debut album in 2020 called Prodigy of the Grotesque which we covered here. At the beginning of October just a couple of weeks ago, the band released a killer three-song EP, Plague of Shadows. But if you're new to the band, and need an introduction to what they're all about, something I stated last year still applies to their music and is important to understand about them: "The best thing about Goreworm is that they don't follow a stereotypical technical brutal death sound, this is a really diverse, well written, and outside-of-the-box take on the style that I can only compare to Torturous Inception and Wormhole really. If you're familiar with those bands, the points of reference signal a sound that constantly jumps all over the place but does so in a refined way that I rarely if ever hear."

Beyond that main framework of shapeshifting technical brutal death metal, Goreworm has a keen ear for melody and proggy ideas integrated into their take on this type of music. On Plague of Shadows, the group has certainly set out to plunge further into the abyss with a darker and bleaker all-around focus that sets this effort apart from everything they've done prior.

If you're looking for some noteworthy brutal-minded tech-death that explores outside of the norm, Goreworm – Plague of Shadows is a release you'll fucking love. So be sure to check out the music embedded below if you haven't heard it yet. You can purchase the music through Bandcamp and you can follow the music on Facebook.

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