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Surviving AUDIOSLAVE Members Pay Tribute To Chris Cornell, Wife Shares Final Call Details

Posted by on May 30, 2017 at 2:38 pm

This has been a rough weekend for the friends and family of Chris Cornell. Cornell killed himself nearly two weeks ago, by hanging himself in his hotel after a show in Detroit. Friends and family gathered last Friday to officially put Cornell to rest in a memorial service over the weekend.

The surviving members of Cornell's band, Audioslave, were practicing in their space for upcoming Prophets of Rage tour, and took a moment to pay tribute to their fallen vocalist by jamming out to their big single, "Like A Stone." The band's DJ, DJ Lord shared the footage:

Meanwhile, TMZ filed a report about the final conversation with Chris Cornell and his wife, Vicky:

“Vicky says she knew something was seriously wrong and said to Chris, “I need to know what you took tonight. You don’t sound right, sweetheart.” He replied, “I was really angry and I just took 2 Ativan. I’m really pissed and I had to calm myself down.”

Vicky replied, “I need to know what you took. It doesn’t sound like 2 Ativan. It sounds like you took something else. You need to tell me now what you took. I forgive you.”

Vicky says at that point Chris‘ entire demeanor changed. He got aggressive — not toward her — but his tone was “cocky and aggressive.” She says she immediately had a flashback to 14 years before, when Chris was abusing Oxycontin … when it got so bad at one point he nearly died.”

Finally, Rolling Stone gathered some thoughts from some of Chris' closest friends including Tom Morello, System Of A Down's Serj Tankian, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, and Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell that is worth reading.

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