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VERGE's Rock-Tinged Black Metal is on Full Display With "The Decision Beyond Calculation"

Finnish black metal rooted in existential philosophy.

Finnish black metal rooted in existential philosophy.

Finland's black metal has long fought against Christianity and other religions. From the earliest efforts of BaptismBehexen, and Impaled Nazarene, the European country sits at the helm of extremity. As time has passed, extremity has grown to take on different forms. For example, Oranssi Pazuzu for the last handful of years has turned black metal into space missions. For others, there remains a burning, draconian desire for the rage of the enduring old guard. While the former three bands are still alive and well, they stand alongside newer acts. One of which is Verge and they bring a unique spin to typical lyrical content and song structure.

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The Jyväskylä quintet marries this ancestral fury with existential Theosophy. Their new album, The Process of Self-Becoming siphons influence from the late Søren Kierkegaard to create a seven-song concept record. Kierkegaard, an existentialist philosopher, wrote many works in the early to mid 19th century. For Verge specifically, they used his "theory of stages of existence". Its three stages become two to three song sections. The album's centerpiece, "The Decision Beyond Calculation", is a roaring example of Verge's vision. The track has several black 'n' roll nuances that sit wonderfully next to melancholic melodies (the movement from the 3:30 mark into the rock guitar riff that lasts until just after 4:00 is sensational.) As a whole, the album also features lyrical excerpts from Johannes Nefastos, who has helped pen words for BaptismProfetus, and Saturnian Mist.

The band provided some commentary on the track, stating: "At this point, there are ultimately no longer philosophical arguments, but the only way forward is through actually lived introspection which burns the icy distance of irony. After that which some mystics call the lesser dark night of soul the focus is changed entirely. In my willing, I am always something more than I actually am. But as Immanuel Kant has shown in great detail; the only positive standard of freedom (since freedom cannot be conceived merely as an ability to choose this or that without being determined) is moral duty towards others. However, once this choice is made; it becomes more and more evident that duty prescribes always more than one actually can follow."

Stream "The Decision Beyond Calculation" below and follow Verge on Facebook. The Process of Self-Becoming arrives September 15 through I, Voidhanger Records.

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