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Thrash Along To ANNIHILATOR's New Song "One To Kill"

Posted by on October 27, 2017 at 10:18 am

Annihilator will release its 16th overall album For The Demented on November 3 and it's shaping up to be one stuffed to the gills with killer riffs. Or as Annihilator mastermind Jeff Waters would put it, "For The Demented captures some feel from Annihilator's 1985-87 demos mixed with the first four Annihilator records." A pretty bold assertion, but the new song "One To Kill" backs that statement up with ease.

"One To Kill" involves all the touchstones of a classic thrash sound, though there are tons of melodic passages and passing riffs that you might not even catch the first time around. Bottom line is this – 30 years in and 16 albums deep, Annihilator still brings it.

Check out the worldwide premiere of the song below, and what Jeff Waters had to say about the track.

“‘One To Kill’ is about an abusive relationship but the victim finally got out. The abuser had to face a court, was subsequently charged and paid a price. Good. Abuse of women and children is terrible but it also happens, often, to men.”

Pre-order For The Demented here.

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