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Latest Annihilator News

Latest News

"So it's more hard rock stuff. It's everything from disco to The Knack to Kiss to a bit of Van Halen."

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Star One, The Last of Lucy, Dagoba, The Body & OAA, and Annihilator.


Plus the early days of Annihilator, lineup changes, the the importance of Exciter and Anvil.

Latest Annihilator Music Videos

Music Videos

Thrash business as usual, y'all.

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Latest Annihilator Reviews


Canadian thrash metal veterans Annihilator are releasing their seventeenth album Ballistic, Sadistic that hearkens back to their early releases.


With their 16th studio album, Canadian thrash pioneers Annihilator attempt to break new ground with For The Demented. But is it epic thrash or...


Jeff Waters and his ever-revolving door of bandmates in Annihilator are an under-appreciated entity in their genre. As the band approaches their thirtieth year, the...

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