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NITESOIL Unveil "The Extinction Gene" Featuring Dave Davidson (REVOCATION / GARGOYL)

nitesoil dave davidson

Nitesoil are set to release their debut EP, Abusement Park, this Friday, November 6th, but before they do, they want to give you one last taste of what's to come on this collaborative death metal record. Today, the duo released their collaboration with Revocation's Dave Davidson.

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The band is comprised of our very own Frank Godla and Nick Emde (Contracult Collective, White Widows Pact), and they began working on this project in summer 2019, with the idea of inviting a different guest vocalist to be on each track.

Davidson comments on his appearance on the track "The Extinction Gene" saying "I loved the brutality of this track and immediately started coming up with some lyrical ideas when the Nitesoil boys first sent this one my way. Lyrically, it was inspired by an article I read about biologically engineered mosquitoes that have a gene that would prevent them from reproducing and would effectively wipe out their species. I started coming up with ideas based around this concept but swapped out one global pest for another, namely the human race. It's a dystopian look at the future where an advanced race of cybernetic beings decide to pull the plug on the human experiment. I can't say I blame 'em. Put this one on your post apocalyptic playlist and bang your head!"

The album is available for order on Bandcamp, with 100% of all proceeds on this go to the Cancer Research Institute

Previously, Nitesoil premiered their collaboration with The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strand:

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Nitesoil also offered his track featuring Jessica Pimmentel, from the show Orange is the New Black and the bands Brujeria and Alekhine's Gun.

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